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Our team is working towards a democratized solution to the problem of mobility loss that affets over 67.7 million people in North America.

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Our Products

Passive modular exoesqueleton for gross motor tracking.
Haptic modular exoskeleton for sensorial experience
Motion assist active modular exoskeleton
VR/AR rehabilitation active modular exoskeleton

Why Choose Us

Modular exos can be assembled into a full body exo for fast democratization
Adjustable parts that fir the user´s anatomy designed to be compatible with joints drifting center of rotation.
EMG and EG signal feedback for artificial intelligence joint assistance
Actuators with high compliance for user-in-command activation.
Haptic experience for gaming applications or rehabilitation.
Monitor your daily activity and performance during or rehabilitation. Share your data with your physician for remote set-up of the device and adjustment of routine.

Our Team


Mobility loss affects the world population. Get to know how our technology can solve this problem.

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