With the close of the second week of voting, WeaRobot positions itself as the company with most funds received.

By Mariana García Corral

The Venture, an initiative by Chivas Regal that funds social startups, is now on its third week of voting. This voting period consists on 5 weeks where the public is allowed to decide how a total of $250,000 dollars will be split amongst the 30 finalists. Voting takes place on The Ventures website and each vote is registered via Facebook. The Venture’s panel divides $50,000 dollars weekly based on the votes each startup receives said week. In the first week of voting, WeaRobot took the lead with the most funds received, reaching about $7,800 dollars. Now that the results for the second week have been released, WeaRobot is still in the lead with $16,580 dollars.

Each vote translates directly into funds that will help undertake a clinical study with 20 patients, which will consist in a series of 2 hour sessions that will evaluate the benefits of WeaRobot’s technology compared to an actual commercial solution. Additionally, the funds will help fine-tune their technology to a commercial version that will be ready for mass production and expand their team to sales, manufacture, and distribution.

“We want to restore the mobility of people who have lost it due to disease, trauma or old age; and empower them with the autonomy to do that which they love.” -Eduardo Rodriguez, WeaRobot’s CEO.

More info. at:

  • http://wearobot.co
  • https://www.facebook.com/wearobot

Voting at:

  • http://www.theventure.com/en/the-venture/finalists/people/mx-wearobot