The end of The Venture’s voting period makes WeaRobot the clear leader by being the first startup to win all 5 weeks of voting.

WeaRobot’s team extends its sincere gratitude to The Venture, by Chivas Regal, for the opportunity to participate in such event and to its main sponsor Startup México for the support during the weeks of voting. A great thanks to Hacking Health Monterrey, Startup Studio, Tecnológico de Monterrey, Alan x el mundo, Sofía Macías, and José Ramón Castillo for helping WeaRobot get its message to every person in Mexico and the world and getting all of us a step closer towards the democratization of exoskeletons. Thanks to each and every person that beleived in the proyect WeaRobot received 35,665 votes that made it the all around winner and creditor to $53,824.34 dollars. These funds will be used for further advances to make this project a reality and to restore mobility to millions of people.

At the final event in Los Angeles, Thailand, Nigeria, South Africa, Colombia and Israel competed against each other to determine the percentage of the $750,000 allocation they would be taking home. As for WeaRobot, we are back to work and very thankful for the great opportunity of participating in such an event and thankful to all the people that voted for us and whose votes placed us as the 6th finalist with most funds received with over $53,000 dollars which will help us improve our product and reach our goal of democratising mobility.