Modular Robot for Limb Enhancement (MRLN)


In comparison with other available devices, our technology is modular, i.e. the exos can be divided in parts and used in single joints (shoulder, elbow, knee, etc.) to support specific tasks. Hence, the technology has a lower initial cost, while the device can be extended to a full body exo. Furthermore, by using noninvasive biosignal sensing, WeaRobot provides highly intuitive controls and back-drivability. By integrating with AR/VR into a haptic experience, results in a more efficient, engaging, and versatile rehabilitation process.



Passive Modular exoskeleton for gross motor tracking

MRLN-0 is instrumented with sensors for tracking the position and pose of the human body. Important information such as position, velocity and aceleration are transferred wirelessly to a computer or mobile internet device such as a tablet or smartphone. Additional information can also include EMG data from our sensor clothing and EEG data from our headset. Some applications of this technology are:

  • Teleoperation of computers or machinery
  • Gaming
  • Pose and motion training
  • Activity tracking and wellness
  • Gross motor tracking


Haptic Modular exoskeleton for sensorial experience

MRLN-1 includes actuators that are selected to provide a full back-drivability interface with the user with the capability of sensing force-feedback. This feature enables an exepcional sensorial experience to the user in the following applications:

  • Teleoperations of computers or machinery
  • Interactive gaming
  • Fitness and sports training
  • Gravity simulation in space


Motion Assist Active Modular exoskeleton

MRLN-2 is an active exoskeleton that takes brain and muscle signals non-invasively to predict the motion intent of the user in order to provide torque in the joint as needed for everyday life activities.


AR/VR Rehabilitation Active Modular exoskeleton

MRLN-3 is the medical grade exo that is used with a VR/AR headset in order to display interactive and engaging rehabilitation routines for use either at the clinic or at home. The performance of every excercise will be recorded and shared with the physician together with EMG and EEG signals for quantifying the benefit and progress of the user's recovery.

  • EMG + EEG Controller